Sunday, July 14, 2013

Loreal Made for Me Pinks Collection Lipsticks

Today I have a review of some of the lipsticks from the new Loreal Made for Me Pinks collection. 

I reviewed these on my YouTube channel as well, so if you haven't watched that video yet, check it out here! 

I hunted for these for a couple of weeks and finally found them at my local Walgreens. I was so excited to find them! There are 8 lipstick shades in the collection,  and the idea is that there are certain items (lipsticks and glosses) for each skin tone. Being the rebel that I am (not at all! ;-)) I didn't follow those rules. I just chose the shades I liked! :-)  I picked up 4 shades: I Pink You're Cute, Pink Flamingo, Miss Magenta, and Raspberry Rush.

The formula of these lipsticks is very nice. They're creamy and smooth, and they have a sort of shiny creme finish. Now, onto swatches! 

Left to right: I Pink You're Cute, Pink Flamingo, Miss Magenta, Raspberry Rush

As you can see from the swatches above, all of the shades are beautiful! I Pink You're Cute is coming off a little more peachy in the swatch above. In person it is more of a light peachy pink. It's definitely one of my favorites! 

The surprising standout from the bunch for me was Raspberry Rush. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about that one, but once I swatched and wore it, I was in love!! It's a beautiful watermelony, pinky red. Gorgeous!! 

The Loreal Made for Me Pinks collection is popping up in different drugstores, so keep your eye out for them! They retailed for around $9.50 at my Walgreens, but prices may vary where you live. I highly recommend picking up a couple of them! I think you'll be happy! 

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