Thursday, September 5, 2013

NEW Loreal LaLaque and LeMatte Lipcolours Review and Swatches

Whyyyy do companies make great products limited edition?? Well, realistically we probably all know why - so beauty junkies like me (and possibly you too if you're reading this review ;-)) will rush out and buy them immediately before they're all gone! 

Today I have a review for you guys on the new and limited edition Loreal LaLaque and LeMatte Lipcolours. After a wild and crazy (and unproductive) goose chase to every Target around our area, my overly patient and kind husband took me to the closest Bed Bath & Beyond with a Harmon in it....that's quite a ways from our area! :-/ But sure enough, that's where we came across an almost full display of these goodies! 

Here they are! 

Left to right: 411 Never Lacque-ing, 412 Lacquer-ized, 414 I Lacquer You A Lot

Loreal describes the LaLaques as shiny full coverage lipcolours, and boy are they! These babies are NO joke. They are highly saturated and pigmented, extremely glossy, and have a very thick, borderline goopy texture to them. But it surprisingly doesn't bother me. Lacquer is a good explanation for these, because they truly have some of the most intense pigmentation I've seen from a lip product. Something to note about the LaLaques - if you are looking for a light, easy breezy lip product, these are not for you. These are thick, pretty sticky, with intense color payoff and a super shiny finish. Also, I did find they they transferred to my teeth very easily, so keep that in mind and be sure to wipe off the inner part of your lips! 

As far as wear time on these, I find that they started to wear off on the inner portion of my lips first, which was a bit strange. But again, this doesn't seem to bother me much. I just kept having to rub my lips together to redistribute the product that was left.  The LaLaques lasted around 3-4 hours on my lips from what I can remember. I didn't measure exactly. 

Left to right: 408 She's So Matte, 409 Matte For Me

Loreal then describes the LeMattes as velvety full coverage Lipcolours, which I think is a good description of these too. These are very silky feeling lipcolours.  They are not a typical dry matte.  They have much more of a slickness to them. I found that the lasted a decent amount of time on my lips - I did a little test one night and applied one around 9pm. It was still going strong on my lips when I wiped it off around 11:30pm. So I think you could probably get a safe 3-4 hours of wear out of the LeMattes.

Now onto the swatches already!! 
Left to right: Never Lacque-ing, Lacquer-ized, I Lacquer You A Lot, She's So Matte, Matte For Me

I really enjoy these products! Loreal says these are limited edition. Why?? I hope Loreal decides to make these permanent and also decides to add more pinks and berries to the range. That's the one thing I would change about this collection of products. It's very heavy on the reds side of the color spectrum. Adding a few more pinks and some berries to the mix would really round out the collection I think! 

As stated earlier, I found these at Bed Bath & Beyond Harmon for $5.99. I have seen online that many people are finding these at their local Targets for $7.99 each. I'd highly recommend that you go out and nab a few of these before they're gone! 

To see a more in depth review with lip swatches, check out my YouTube video on them here! 

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  1. I've been looking for these babies everywhere, I just haven't been able to find them. I especially love the Laquer-ized shade, so pretty.

    I found you through IG awhile back and have been subscribed to your YT channel, I love it.

    You have a new follower, glad I found your blog! ❤️

    Lily |

    PS-I'm also from Texas, there aren't many bloggers that I know from here! :)