Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lorac Pro Palette 2: Review & Swatches!

My Lorac Pro Palette 2 finally arrived in the mail today!! I am so excited to start playing around this palette and create some looks! To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the first Lorac Pro palette. I feel like the shadows are a bit too soft and blend together too easily. But I'm hoping that these will be a bit easier to work with. 

The outside packaging is reminiscent of the original Lorac Pro. It retails for $42 dollars and includes a .19oz Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. I picked my palette up at Ulta. 

The palette packaging is also reminiscent of the first Lorac Pro palette, only this one is gray instead of black like the original. This packaging isn't my favorite since if gets dirty very easily, but it's still neat to look at! 

This palette is much more cool-toned than the first one. It's a nice collection of neutrals with some fun colors thrown in. I like the collection of colors, because it's still a great neutral palette, but it also allows for some fun,  more colorful looks as well!

And now on to swatches! 

This shadows are all buttery and snooth and nicely pigmented! I'll edit this post to add my thoughts on application, blending, and wear time once I've tried out this palette for a few days! 

Added: After wearing this palette for a few days, the formula on these shadows is exactly the same as the first Lorac Pro palette. They're very pigmented and extremely soft! They do have fallout to contend with, and they can tend to become over-blended and muddy if you're not careful.  If you love the texture of the first pro palette, you'll love this one too! The shadows lasted nicely on the eyes when used with primer.

What are your thoughts on the Lorac Pro 2? Will you be picking it up?


  1. Oh yes, I'll be getting this at some point! I love the first one - I don't have the patience to really blend stuff out for a long time, so shadows that blend together easily make me happy:)

  2. Yay!! Then you will love this palette!! :)

  3. I loved your review of this palette. I love the fact that is has both neutral and fun colors since I'm a big fan of both. I don't have the first palette but I might get this one first.