Monday, September 8, 2014

NEW Benefit Majorette Booster Blush to Amplify Your Flush: Review & Swatches

So I was perusing the store when I was working at Sephora today, and low and behold, I spot a new blush from Benefit! Only this one is a cream formula!  I instantly start swatching it and instantly fall in love!

First off, the packaging is downright adorable. It's in the shape of a drum, and it has a nice magnetic closure in the middle where the two scalloped pieces meet. Benefit always seems to knock it out of the park with their vintage inspired packaging! I do wonder if the product will eventually dry out, though, since it isn't a fully locking or tightening container. But only time will tell on that. 

Majorette is marketed as a booster blush that can be used by itself or layered under your current favorite blushes. I applied it to my cheeks with a Sephora brand stippling brush (which incidentally, I love also!) and the application was perfect! Majorette has a really nice formula that glides on the cheeks effortlessly and packs a nice punch of color that's not overpowering. It just gives a beautiful peachy glow to the cheeks! It has a glow to it, but it doesn't contain any sparkle or shimmer.

And something else to note about Majorette - it smells delicious too! It has a nice fruity smell, like pomegranate and peach mixed!  It's pretty potent, so if you're sensitive to scents, you may want to try it before you buy it. The smell hung around for a good 30 minutes after applying it to my cheeks. 

But my final verdict on Majorette - total win! At $28, it's right in line with Benefit's other boxed blushes and many other higher end blushes. But I love it and would really love for Benefit to come out with more blushes like Majorette!!   

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