Thursday, February 12, 2015

Marc Jacobs Anais New Nudes Lipstick: Review & Swatches

Marc Jacobs isn't a brand that I have much of in my collection. But I've always thought that they have beautiful, fancy-feeling products! Recently, they released 7 lipstick shades that they're calling their New Nudes Sheer Lip Gels. I picked up the color Anais, which is a brownish nude. I purchased mine from Sephora and they retail for $30.

Firstly, I was drawn in by the packaging. To me, they look like something a wealthy grandma would have, and I love that about them! I love the vintage-looking beige color and the fancy clasp. They really are beautiful lipsticks!

Anais is a very beautiful, warm nude shade. It has a brownish hue to it that makes it the perfect, everyday nude. It's nude enough to go with every makeup look, but it also has enough color to it so it doesn't wash out my fair complexion. 

These are said to have a gellified formula that "glides effortlessly over the lips," according to the Marc Jacobs website. These lip gels also have Monoi butter, myrrh extract, and vitamin e that are said to provide great moisture and nourishment, and help fight the signs of aging. I absolutely love the formula on this lipstick. It is extremely creamy and comfortable feeling on the lips, and it really does glide on effortlessly. The wear time isn't great, but it's not marketed to be a long-wearing lipstick. 

My only complaint is that when I went to swatch it and then apply it to my lips, I noticed that the lipstick began to lean in its container. I went to exchange it, but (after jiggling the lipsticks and listening (yes, I actually did that in Sephora. Lol)) I found that the others did the same thing! But I've asked others who have purchased these lipsticks and they didn't experience the same thing. Maybe my store got a bad batch? Or maybe they sat in a warm warehouse and loosened in their bullets? I assumed it was just because of the formula being so creamy. Regardless of the reason, my lipstick leans, and at $30, that just bugs me. Ha! I do LOVE the formula and color of this lipstick. I just wish it didn't do that. I will probably hang on to it; I just really hope it doesn't break off at the base eventually! 

Have you been eyeing any of the lipsticks from the New Nudes collection?

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  1. such a beautiful nude shade! x

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