Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Pacifica Power of Love Natural Lipstick: Swatches & Review

Pacifica is a brand I've wanted to delve into more, because I love the idea of more natural ingredients! DontCallMeJesse on Instagram inspires A LOT of my lip product purchases. (She's a lipstick junkie with perfect lips who posts swatches of lots of gorgeous lip products!) And this purchase was no different! 

These are brand new lipsticks from the Pacifica line called the Power of Love Natural Lipstick. I grabbed the colors Nudie Red and Compassion Passion. They were $9.99 each, which seems a little pricey, but I'm always willing to spend a little more on products with more natural ingredients. (These are 100% vegan and formulated without FD&C color, parabens, carmine, and petroleum. They're also cruelty free which is another added bonus. AND the box says "Buy One. Give One. Each Power of Love lipstick purchased = one free 
lipstick to a woman in need." Very cool!)

The packaging on these is just adorable. It's girly with a vintage vibe to it. 

Both of these swatch beautifully. They're both very pigmented and build up nicely. Nudie Red isn't a red at all, but a more mauvey pink. Compassion Passion is a gorgeous coral shade - perfect for spring! 

Swatches left to right: Nudie Red, Compassion Passion 

On the lips, these feel amazing! They're soo creamy and comfortable! And bonus - they have a creamy, natural coconut scent to them! I am absolutely in LOVE with these lipsticks. I know they have one more color, because Jess posted about that one on her Instagram. It's called Super Love and is a gorgeous bright red. Those were sold out, but I would love to pick that one up at some point!

Have you tried these lipsticks yet?

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  1. Pretty! I've been wondering about their lip colors. I like the brands principles and that they're cruelty-free.