Thursday, April 16, 2015

Maybelline 100th Anniversary Blush Stick - Pursuit of Pink: Review & Swatches

When I spotted the limited edition Maybelline 100th Anniversary display, I had to pick up the blush stick too. I'm already a fan of this formula because they're creamy and opaque and long wearing! I found the display at Walgreens and these retail for $9.99.

The packaging is the same as the lipsticks. I love it! I didn't notice till I got home that mine is cracked! :((( So so sad! But it doesn't look like it's fully cracked all the way through, so it should hopefully be ok. 

Pursuit of Pink is a beautiful creamy, peachy pink shade. Perfect for spring and summer! It's bright and fun but can also be sheered out for more everyday, work appropriate wear. 

No complaints here. I love these blush sticks. The packaging on this super cute. And I love this shade! 


  1. I picked this up too and absolutely love it! When I first swatched it I thought it was a little to frosty but then I put it on and loved it! This is the first blush stick I have tried from Maybelline and I will be trying more. I love this shade for Spring and Summer, think it will be great!

    1. I so agree!! Such a fun, bright color for spring and summer!! These blush sticks really have a nice formula to them!!

  2. Agreed this is such a pretty shade! And a really creamy formula.